Bicycle Laws in Kingston, NY

Q: Do I need to register my bicycle in the City of Kingston?

A:  No, the section of the City Code mandating registration is no longer enforced. However, to assist the Kingston Police Department in identifying the proper owner of a stolen bicycle, you are encouraged to file your bicycle serial number or description with the police department. You can do this by visiting the Kingston Police Department at 1 Garraghan Drive, presenting your ID and asking the Officer-on-duty to file a Police Report identifying you as the owner of your bicycle. (Source: Bike Friendly Kingston)

Q: Can I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk in Kingston?

A: No, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk or a footpath is prohibited. The law makes exception for children under the age of 12 years and infirm or handicapped riders, who may operate a bicycle on a sidewalk legally. (Source: § 160-9 Operation of bicycles and tricycles.)

Q: What safety equipment is required?

A: While helmets are NOT required equipment for riders over the age of 14, we think it is a good idea to ALWAYS wear a helmet while riding a bike.  Additionally, All riders should comply with New York State Vehicle and Traffic law on this matter.

Required equipment includes:

  • Working brakes
  • Bell or horn
  • When riding at night:
  • White front headlight
  • Red taillight
  • Reflective tires or spoke reflectors
  • A helmet for riders under the age of 14 years


(Source: § 160-9 Operation of bicycles and tricycles. and

Q: Which laws apply to bicyclists?

A: Bicyclists must obey all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings. Bicyclists must also signal for turns whether driving on a roadway, a bike lane or bike path.  (Source: